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Stop by our Shop in Colwyn Bay to feel our soft Welsh yarns and learn more about how they get all the way from sheep to shoulder.

Opening Hours:
Tuesday: 10:30 – 20:30
Weds-Sat: 10:30 – 17:30


We have a range of handy skills that we can teach you. From knitting to weaving on a loom. But if you share our passion for cake and wool, you can join us at our Craftenoon club. Cake and fun guaranteed!

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In The Shop You'll Find:

The shop is full of crafty treasures. From books to accessories, its full of surprises. However, in the cellar we hold the real Welsh treasure!  We have stocked 550 fleece, right up to the ceiling. Come and see it for yourself!


If you need help with your crafty projects, we can offer helpful hand. We are quite handy with fleece (washing, carding and spinning) and know our spinning wheels inside out (repair and servicing).

We also buy and sell weaving equipment in the shop.