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Information & Services for Farmers

Farmer and Drop Spindle

The First Time I Spun for A Shepherd

The first time I spun for a shepherd she had a few hebridean sheep and thought it would be nice to make her husband a jumper.

As it was my first commission for a farmer,  I thought it would be nice to present it in a basket with the skeins piled up inside.  I covered it with a cloth and met her in a local coffee shop.

I will never forget her reaction. She hugged it to her face, then with tears in her eyes said ‘I didn’t think it would be any good.  It’s wonderful”. From that moment I decided that every shepherd I worked with should see their fleece spun and realise just what wonderful stuff they had been discarding as useless.

How to Roll a Freshly Sheared Fleece

Here’s a short video I filmed of one of our local farmers, shearing and rolling a fleece as per the Wool Marketing Board’s standards.

Useful Links for Farmers

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My Services for Farmers & Shepherds

Did you know that I can hand process and hand spin your fleece for you? I also buy fleece from local farmers!

Several of my local farmers have asked me to spin their fleece and have been surprised at how wonderful it can be!  As a knitwear designer I can even help you develop a product range if you want to sell it yourself or could design and knit you a jumper from your own sheep!

Contact me for details.  Even if you only want to try one skein!

Grading Wool at the British Wool Marketing Board